Crystal NFTs Mining on

A Sparkly Adventure Awaits!
Connect your wallet, and let's dig up some magic.

Genesis NFT Airdrop and Dive into a 100k $SKL + 100k CGG Prize Pool!

Additional 100 Hexagon city land parcels for the top 100 users

How To Participate

  • Connect your wallet and start mining for crystals on Skale chain
  • There are 2 types of crystals for mining: common and legendary.

    There's a 33% chance that you'll unearth a common crystal!

    There's a 2% chance that you'll unearth a legendary crystal!

  • You can mine a crystal every 10 seconds.
  • Each common crystal is worth 10 points & legendary crystal worth 120 points.
  • Burn 7 crystals to summon a Raid Boss in ChainGuardians RPG.
  • Different rarities of crystals will summon different raid bosses. The stronger the boss, the more the rewards.
  • The summoner takes a major chunk of the rewards. The remaining is distributed to the users on the leaderboard.


  • The participating wallet must mine at least one crystal during Season 2
  • User must sign up for Pentagon Games using same wallet through which they mined the crystals
  • Follow us for more details.